Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Treat

This morning a friend at school asked me about making a "quick" treat. She mentioned that she needed something really easy because she had to make a large quantity (80). My first thought was a "Sour Cream Container." If you haven't heard of these they are so cute and so easy. (I had an example in a previous post a few months back.) I started out with a 6x6 piece of paper which I rolled up and applied adhesive to stick together. The next step is to press one end together and attach with adhesive and then run through a paper crimper. Next, fill with your goodies (mine has 8 chocolate kisses) and then adhere the opposite side in the opposing direction. (E-mail me if you need more specific directions.) I will see her later today and I thought when I gave her the directions I would also give her a sample of her very own. Using my Spellbinders die and a glittery sticker made this come together in less than two minutes.

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