Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Team Spikes

My oldest daughter, Cayla, played for a few months on a girls' volleyball team and had a blast! She was definitely in her element with this sport and it was so good to see her really enjoying the practices and the games and the friendships she made. Soccer was a little too sweaty, windy, and tiresome for her with all that running around. ??? Anyways, she thought she would enjoy volleyball much better and she was right. I tried several times to take some good shots of her while playing, but the lighting on the court was bad, the movements were quick and most of the shots came out blurry. After several attempts I just decided to go with it and call them "action shots." I found some really neat scrapbook paper to go along with my theme and finally put something together this afternoon. At the time I purchased the paper I wasn't thinking about their team uniforms being blue, so I pulled a blue element onto each page by adding a stapled trim of paper....I've been wanting to do this technique with either paper or ribbon for quite some time. I thought the distressed nature of the paper fit the technique perfectly. I also had a "WoW" moment when I went looking for some lined journalling paper and thumbed through Abby's stash and discovered some really neat and interesting papers....I will definitely keep this supply source in the back of my head for future pages. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box....or the scrapbook store.

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