Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pawsitively Perfect

My youngest daughter wants to have a "Puppy" birthday party so I thought I would get a head start while things are a bit settled in the household. I put together these invitations which we are going to hand-deliver and/or mail to the friends she will invite. I had a hard time with this concept because I found myself wanting to make things a bit more difficult than they needed to be - it's a bad habit. Anyways, once we settled on the black, white and red theme for the party decorations, I went full speed with this design. It wasn't until I got them all done and carried one out to my husband did he say, "That's not really the correct shape for a paw print." (Keep in mind he is a very detail-oriented person when it comes to design.) My reply was, "Well, it's too bad because they are all done, and I was simply following a design that I found in the Family Fun magazine - and this is the shape that THEY used." [therefore, it had to be correct, huh?] The front of the card has the paw print design with details about the party, and the back of the card includes a small tag which tells each guest to bring their favorite stuffed puppy to show to everyone. (Sorry about the hi-tech use of a post-it note to cover up the personal info - I'm not really computer savvy and this was the quickest solution I could think of....) I will keep you updated on the other items we are putting together for her party including personalized dog bowls, a puppy cake and a few other surprises.

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