Tuesday, June 3, 2008

T-Shirt Memories

Whew! I finally finished a sewing project for my friend's daughter's birthday. It was purely a "volunteer" project, but ended up being a little testy for my level of sewing ability. This shirt was worn by the birthday girl for her 1st birthday and I thought it would be neat to turn it into a pillow for her 6th birthday celebration this weekend. I drew my inspiration by looking at the original screen-print design on the front of the t-shirt. All of the pictures were made to look hand-sewn, so I traced the images onto white paper and then cut them into felt shapes and embellished them with embroidery thread. I applied the felt cut-outs using fabric glue. I also did a little hand-stitching directly to the shirt. For an extra little bit of "girly" touch I added a ruffled edge to the bottom of the shirt. Once the arms and neck were sewn shut I stuffed the shirt and then finished it by sewing it closed under the ruffle. To cover up a boo-boo I made along the neckline I added a really cute ric-rack trim around the top. I wanted her to see how much she's grown in 5 years! I hope she likes it!

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