Friday, February 4, 2011

Adding a Little Chicken Wire

From the moment I saw this photo I knew I had to have one. It literally yelled out at me...."Make one just like me!!!" So last weekend, with my hubby's help, I did!! Don't know what I'm talking about?

Here's my take on Marcy Penner's fabulous wire frame:
I used what I had on hand, an old frame, chicken wire and staples. 

The first step was to remove the picture, glass and wire prongs. I found that using an old spoon worked the best for this.
Next up was to cut and staple in the chicken wire. My hubby was kind enough to tackle this and did it so quickly I didn't get any pictures. But, I'm sure you get the idea.

Here's what it looked like with the wire installed:
I wanted to use this board as a way to display the many cards I receive from friends and relatives, and I was thinking I would use small clothespins to hang up everything, until I spotted these at JoAnn's:
They were perfect and at a great price, $1.99 with 40% off!

Next up is to get the frame hung in a convenient spot. Right now it is sitting on the back of my sewing desk.

I love Marcy's studio and encourage you to check it out. It makes my heart smile everytime I look at it. Thanks Marcy!


marcy said...

Oh yay!! It looks awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

moxieLisa said...

What a cool project! I definitely want to try this.