Friday, March 19, 2010

Wrapped & Ready

What's this, you say? It's what I've been busy doing for the past week or so....on and off when I get a free couple of minutes. It's a stack of stamped cards I'm submitting for Paper Crafts Magazine's contest called, "Stamping Royalty." I'm not thinking I have much of a chance, but I figured I had all of the supplies, so why not? There is so much gorgeous talent out there....I feel as tho my creations don't compare, but who knows? We'll see in a few weeks or so. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've never submitted to a contest like this so I wasn't even sure how to get the cards in the mail without them getting entirely bashed up and disfigured, so I went to my chipboard stash and layered them up like this before wrapping in tissue paper. Hopefully they will arrive in Utah safe and sound.


Jennifer Wilcox said...

Good luck. I know your cards are beautiful as usual.

katherinemarie said...

I can't wait to see your beauties in the MAGAZINE! Your wonderfulness deserves it! I hope you'll share what you sent off so we can all look for it in print! :)