Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stuffed with Love

"Stuffed with Love" definitely defines my youngest daughter. She is sweet to the core and anyone who knows her can testify to that fact....it's not just coming from a boastful Momma!

I took these pictures of her one night while she was supposed to be settling down and getting ready for bed. Because there are very few shows at night that actually capture her attention, she is usually playing quietly while we watch a sitcom here and there. (I'm not a huge TV watcher, but I have a few favorites.)

Most of the time she likes to play library, veterinary clinic with our dog or, like on this particular night, she plays with her stuffed animal collection. This time, she decided to bury herself in our bedroom chair with all of her animals.
This image reminded me of the ET movie where he is hidden in the closet amongst all the stuffed animals and the person looking in doesn't even notice him.
I am using more of the Sizzix Big Kick dies with the brown swirls and Zingo alphabet letters. The butterflies are from a Martha Stewart punch. The white flowers with gems are from Flora Doodles. They are a cinch to use because there is nothing to it, just place and stick.

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