Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ribbon Board

This morning, after I read the newspaper, I got started on one of many "projects" on my "Project TO DO list." I found the perfect sized bulletin board at a garage sale a few weeks ago, it measures 23 x 46 and it was a steal for $2.00! My youngest daughter wanted a new ribbon board for her room to go above her new full-sized headboard. Well, where are you going to find one that big? You've got to make it yourself! I can't believe I started it this morning, and with one break in the middle of the day, I actually finished it this afternoon. The first thing I did was cover it with two layers of batting. The first layer was stapled on, the second layer I hot-glued to the first. (My second layer was too short to wrap around the board.) Next, I covered it with the fabric she chose..."pink, please!" I used the staple gun again for that. Then it was time to apply the ribbon pattern to cover the board. I had 4 spools of ribbon and used only 2 (they were 15ft. each). Lastly, the trickiest part was deciding how to tack down the ribbon so that we could get that puckered look. We decided to use a longer staple and needle-nose pliers to curl the ends of the staple once we put it through the front of the board. To finish it, I used a needle and thread to give my pink buttons a "faux-sewn" look and hot glued them to the intersecting ribbons to hide the staples. I can't wait to hang it above her bed. I think the total cost for this project was approximately $10.00.

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