Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas School Fun

What new camera? What Thanksgiving crafts? Have you done anything new lately? Not me, I've been steadily working away at preparations for my school's Christmas festival. These are a few shots (taken really quickly) of some things that have touched my crafty hands lately. Not the real show-stopping stuff I like to talk about, but things that have occupied my time and it's all for a good cause....that's what I keep trying to remind myself. The big day is December 6th (right around the corner) and then I'll be free to pursue other things. These pictures are of various things: a giant "Surprise Wall" that my husband constructed. My neighbor drew the scenery and we have been painting it little-by-little. One of four reindeer vases to be used as centerpieces at our eating tables (we will fill them with starlight peppermint candies) and some simple bows to be attached to evergreen wreaths. I'll keep you updated!

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