Sunday, November 2, 2008

It Always Happens this Way

I think it's funny sometimes how whenever I am working on a particular project it doesn't matter how much space I have to begin with, or how neat my desktop area is when I get started, I always end up working in a space that measures about 8x8.....I'm shoving things around, things are falling down, I lose my x-acto knife (every time) but in the end, I usually like what I can come up with.

This afternoon I put together two quick cards as a thank-you to the room moms that helped me with my 3rd grade class and our "unofficial" Halloween party. It was nice to have a couple of people helping instead of doing the usual solo thing.

These came together really quickly from an inspirational photo in the Stampin' Up (Spring) catalog. (The green card is my favorite.)

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