Friday, October 10, 2008

Mummy Candy Holder

I made these last year in my daughter's 2nd grade class. They are really easy and quick to put together. This year my 1st grader wants to share them with her class....I tried to encourage her to pick another craft, but this is the one she chose. To make one, you start with a toilet paper roll or you could use a paper towel roll. Cut the toilet paper roll in half and secure a square-shaped piece of paper to the bottom using white tape or transparent tape. This becomes the "bottom" of your mummy's head so the candy doesn't fall out. Next, using cheesecloth cut into thin strips, begin wrapping the roll until you are happy with the amount and overlapping design. The cheesecloth is great because is sticks to itself but you can also use a small piece of transparent tape to keep it more secure. The last step is to add wiggle eyes with clear glue before filling with candy treats. The bows are optional of course, and you could always tea-dye the cheesecloth to give it an "old" look.

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