Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Peek & Share

Here's a peek and share of what my girls will be giving away in their classrooms for Halloween treats this year. I decided to go simple and give both girls the same thing to share with their classmates.
Still don't know what they are? How about if I show you this picture?
Hmmm, now we are getting closer.....but here's a full shot for you to check out.  I told you I would share. :)
And another version:
I kept things very simple....just a little bit of cardstock, stickers, and a simple stamp that says, "Open if you dare!"  I think the kids will like them.

I also want to share the original source for the idea....I found them at an amazing blog called "it is what it is" - and let me just tell you, her stuff is so stinkin' cute! I only wish I had that kind of talent when it comes to graphic design....oh the possibilities. Her bags are cuter and stuffed with much more candy, but I have 40 kids to treat, so I thought 4 peanut butter cups were plenty + let's not consider the other goodies and candy they will receive.  Here are the bags she put together which inlcude a free printable tag. I think she applied the stickers to the tops of her Reese cups, although I found the bottoms (the smaller end) much easier to use. And, I wanted to use her printable tag, but because my bags were smaller, I opted for this version.

This was an easy, mess-free craft profect that we worked on together. Try it out!


Jennifer Wilcox said...

These are too cute! I know the kids will love them.

beth said...

This is so fun, Carla--thank you! Did you hand cut each topper or is that a punch? And the faux stitching adds such a great touch. I love them!

moxieLisa said...

How stinkin cute are these? Love them!