Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Scenes

I know everyone has been on the bandwagon lately with the "I Love Fall" theme, so I thought I would jump on in....because, you know what? I love the fall!!!

We are at home tonight, it's raining, my girls are in their jammies, I'm not far behind....and we have a fresh pot of potato sausage soup cooking, homemade french bread ready to be gobbled up:
and pretty candy corn lights shimmering outside my kitchen window:
and inside I've pulled out some of my favorite fall decorations including these lovelies:
No, they aren't real, but in Florida, we don't get a huge change of fact, my air conditioner is running right now at 77 degrees...oh will cool down soon enough.  And when it does, I will be sure to make another batch of these yummy treats:
Roast Beef and Argula paninis we cooked up the other night for dinner.  A tasty recipe from one of my favorite cooking shows, Five Ingredient Fix.  I love this show!

Take care....sorry for all the randomness, that is how my mind has been operating lately.

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Lisa {a house full of moxie} said...

Those paninis looked so awesome...I can't wait until the weather gets cool enough here to put on a sweater, I love the fall too!