Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yumminess in a Bowl

I made a really easy and really tasty pasta salad the other night.  If you like your pasta salad with a little "kick" then this might just be right up your alley...
I'm calling this "Fresh Market Spicy Pasta Salad" because the original pasta salad we tasted came from a fancy food store called "Fresh Market." They sell grocery items plus fresh fruits and veggies along with tons of prepared items that are good, but at the same time very pricey.

To make this one start out with some cooked angel hair pasta that you have drained and rinsed.  I have found that one-half pound (or half the box) makes plenty, but adjust to your needs.
Next, in another bowl, combine diced tomatoes (2-3) and diced fresh jalepenos (2):
To that add diced onion (1/3 of a medium-sized onion), olive and canola oil (1/4 cup each) and rice vinegar (1/4 cup):
I also added some small cubes of Parmesan cheese because that's what we had on hand. You could also add Asiago cheese and that would be equally as yummy.
To finish up the mixins' I added Italian seasoning (1-2 tsps.), salt and pepper, crushed garlic (3 cloves) and dried parsley.
Add the pasta and toss it all together. 
The first time I made this salad I added fresh basil.  This time I left it out.  I think the basil adds a really nice flavor so if you have it use it....I hope you try it and like it!

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Lisa {a house full of moxie} said...

That looks absolutely yummy! My husband walked by my screen and stopped it looks so good. :)