Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiration by Vera

I went with something different this year for my two teachers' end of the year gifts.  A few weeks ago I was browsing in a small boutique near my home and saw these really pretty Vera Bradley mini coolers...and they were on sale!!!  I snagged up two and made cards today to match their colors. 

The first design was easy to go with...I've worked with blue, green and brown many-a-times:
I meant to take a shot of the mini-cooler by itself, but's a shot of the cooler which served as my inspiration piece, along with the card I made using two stamp sets from Papertrey Ink.

Here's the card by itself:
I keep going back to this simple side-open card style with the rounded right-hand corner.  It's pleasing to the eye I suppose. (oops- my picture seems to be a tad out of focus)

Next up, is the second mini-cooler and card combo....this pattern just kind of got busier by the minute.  When I finished and took a step back to look my first response was, "I would have never chosen those colors by myself!"
And here's the card up close:

A little busy and definitely not my usual style but it was fun combining all those different images and I was pleased with the end result. I added black punched flowers along with pink Prima flowers and brads.

I wish I had the Vera pattern names, but I've already bagged them up all neat and pretty. (edited- I added links with the pattern names.) I hope they like them and have a "happy Summer!"

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Dawn said...

Hi Carla,

Lucky teachers - those cards are beautiful!!! Split Coast Stampers had a challenge on their forum a few months back making cards using Vera patterns as inspiration. I think the challenge has probably already ended, but if you can, you should submit yours - they are too beautiful not to share!

I didn't see the link with the pattern names from your edit note. In case anyone is wondering, the first one is Bali Blue and the second one is Carnaby.