Friday, June 18, 2010

Call Me Hard-Headed

It's been a long time since I've done anything crafty.  I've had all kinds of intentions...just not enough time to *sneak* away to produce anything.  I was supposed to have a "date" with my sewing machine a few days ago, but opted to go swimming with the girls instead.  Actually, a dunk in the pool sounds mighty good right now too.  :)

But, this afternoon, I put my blinders on as I was bound and determined not to blog-surf (or "blurf" as I call it) and to actually disregard what all my web "friends" are doing because ---- they are so productive ALL the time....and I put together this card for my sweet hubby for his special day on Sunday:
I realized really quickly that I was feeling a little bit rusty so I reminded myself of a challenge going on over at Betsy Veldman's blog. Go here to check it out. She wanted us to find a piece of masculine inspiration (menswear) and make a card with it.  Well, I didn't exactly go too far for my inspiration.  I went right over to my drawer of blue patterned papers and found this piece that got me jump started:
Ultimately, I like the way it turned out.  I call myself "Hard-Headed" because when I finally finished I discovered that I spent 3 hours or so by myself putting together this ONE card.  I tried a few other combinations but nothing was fitting "just right."

Oh well, that's the way it works out sometimes.  Thanks Betsy for the challenge!! 


Katie H. said...

Wonderful card Carla. Travis will cherish it! You are amazing. And thanks for updating your blog with something awesome!

Betsy V said...

This card is great, Carla!! There are so many fun details, but it's still masculine...great job!! Thanks for playing along!

Maureen L. said...

Love your card!