Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Couple of Snags

I'm getting ready to get down to business in my craft room...working on a couple of different things right now (in between the ever-piling laundry loads) but I thought I would take a quick minute to share a couple of "snags" I got yesterday. By "snags" I mean great bargains that I "snagged" right up....makes my little life so exciting!!!

Here's the first one, totally un-craft related:
I'm assuming you've heard of Havianas? (Two people I spoke with yesterday had never heard of them.) Well, I've always admired them but never owned a pair because they can be a bit expensive....well, yesterday while peeking into my favorite clothing consignment store I found this pair at 50% off!!  Technically they were $4.00 but because I had a store credit they ended up being free for me!!!

Next up is a purchase I made at a local scrapbook store that is, sadly, going out of business:
Isn't she a beatuy?  I love clear acrylic organizing pieces.  This one will actually be making a home in my friend's awesome craft space.  She has a plentiful collection of SU markers and Copics so I thought she "needed" it.

And lastly......can I just pretend I'm in my early 20's again???? Just for a moment?  I am so, so happy to hear that this cutie patootie is going to be in the finals on American Idol:

I'm not a bettin' gal, but I would put money on this one! I can't wait for next week and you can count on me to be in line when his first CD is released!! Love to listen!!

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