Monday, June 6, 2011

Finishing Up

We are finishing up the school year down here in Florida. Only 1 1/2 days left until the girls are home again for the summer - the best!!

I had a kindergarten teacher summon me last week asking for some ideas for an end of the year treat for her little ones. We were going for simple and quick! She mentioned having sidewalk chalk in her closet so we decided to go with a theme of "Fun in the Sun" and activities the children could use on their summer break.

She was kind enough to go that night and purchase some of the supplies we needed, including Miracle Bubbles and CD envelopes in bright colors.

As I packaged everything up I decided to make some colorful pinwheels to use as a clip-on for the bag decoration. (No sticks on these pinwheels so the kids are less likely to poke their eyes out.)

Here's what my bags looked like....although you can't see the goodies inside - they were too cute!
I used the CD envelopes as the template for the pinwheel and followed the basic instructions for cutting and connecting the "flags" of the pinwheel together with a brad.
Here is the back of the treat bag showing the clothespin clip which attaches the pinwheel using a medium-sized glue dot:
These were really simple and quick - just like we wanted!! Happy Summer!

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Van said...

Your photography and craft skills are INCREDIBLE! Lovely blog :)

I e-mailed you yesterday with details on our Thursday meeting for opening the shop. E-mail me back if you're in, and thanks for volunteering!