Thursday, February 11, 2010

Using Coupons at a Young Age

My girls know how much of a coupon-fan I am, in fact, on several holidays, I've been presented with homemade coupon books for such things like, "Free foot rubs" or "Free cleaning my room without complaining" or my favorite, "Free time in the craft room without interruptions." So, a few days ago while at my local scrapbook store I knew I had to do something with a pre-made 12x12 sheet of Valentine's coupons I found from Pinecone Press. They are called, "Honey Bunny Coupons." They are so cute and include things like, "Breakfast in bed" and "Read me a story" along with "One big kiss."

I cut apart the coupons yesterday (w/o taking a picture...sorry) and then said out loud, "Now what am I going to do with them?" I thought about punching a hole in the corner and using a notebook ring and ribbon, and then I thought...."What about making a coupon wallet?" I had some leftover holiday fabric, interfacing and velcro....and this is what I came up with....'s a shot of the inside pocket where the coupons are stashed. I also topped each coupon with a small ribbon loop just for decoration. I absolutely love Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher for things like that. It works like a dream.
And here's a shot of the cover. I jazzed them up a bit with some felt and embroidery floss. I also had some chipboard pieces and heart buttons to personalize each one.
I thought I would steer clear of the plastic toys and junk candy this year and I'm happy with what I came up with. I hope you have a good day!


Jennifer Wilcox said...

Carla, the things you come up with is amazing. I love these. The girls are going to love them too.

katherinemarie said...

Simply SPECTACULAR!!!!! Every girl (yound and old) NEEDS one of these--- so sweet!!!!!